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KRAV MAGA SEMINAR by BOAZ AVIRAM - Former IDF Krav Maga Chief Instructor

MAY 28, 2011

Our Training Program

Our unique program is the best self-defense program available, helping you achieve the highest level of mental and physical health and conditioning.

Krav Maga Program is unsurpassed for getting you in top shape. Regular training here will:

  • Improve athletic performance by improving conditioning and reflexes. You'll be able to do any activity longer, faster and with more power.
  • Increase strength. Our unique techniques and exercises will make you physically stronger and tougher. Many everyday tasks will become easier to do because of this increase in strength.
  • Increase Endurance. Your body will become more efficient from your first workout on, and the longer you work out the more efficient it becomes. You'll enjoy your life more because you will have more energy and vitality.
  • Increase Flexibility. Flexibility will occur naturally due to the stretching movements that are done in each class. Flexibility is important because it helps and prevents lower back problems.
  • Improve Appearance. Regular exercise firms and tones muscles, burns more calories, and helps reduce your appetite. These factors will give you a trimmer, firmer, and healthier appearance.
  • At the same time that you are learning self-defense, you will look and feel better.

Achieve Mental Fitness

In addition to all the fitness benefits you will receive, your Krav Maga Program workout will enable you to develop confidence, improve self-esteem and reduce stress and tension. As you develop your self defense skills, you will be able to cope with daily problems and situations. The sense of accomplishment and pride that is developed will carry over to every aspect of your life. You will look different and feel different about yourself. Additionally, you will be expanding your knowledge base by training in our Krav Maga Program!