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Level 2

Grappling, Control Lock, and Ground Survival

Stage 6

After the sixth stage of training the student will be able to use a rollover in tactical scenarios to get our hostage situations.

  • Forward Rollover (Learning how to get up first )
  • Break Falls
    • Backward Break Fall
    • Backward Break Fall to stand up
    • Backward Break fall on guard position – defending on the ground or takedown attacker
  • Side Break Fall
    • Defending and Striking from Side Fall position
    • Maneuver to standing up - * We don’t want to stay on the floor too long and being kicks and stomp upon, worst still by a group of attackers
  • Front Break Fall & Front Soft Roll to standing up

Stage 7

After the seventh stage of training the student will be able to restraint an opponent and release himself from a potential attempt of an opponent to restrain him.

  • Various control locks flow

Stage 8

After the eighth stage of training the student will be able to prevail in any attempt of his opponent to apply any sort of Wrestling Grappling technique whether from the West or the Orient, or just homemade restraining attempt, all in standing position.

  • Wrist Escapes – understanding the mechanic of wrist escape and the principle of ‘Open-Ring’.
  • One hand grab in various scenarios
  • Two hand grab in various scenarios
  • Escape from holds ( Standing )
    • Choke Escapes – Front, Side, Rear, Pushing & Pulling
    • Side Headlock
    • Rear Hook Choke
  • Escape from holds ( Bear Hug )
    • Rear Bear Hug under arm
    • Rear Bear Hug under arm with lifting
    • Rear Bear Hug over arm
    • Front Bear Hug over arm

Stage 9

After the ninth stage of training the student will be able to prevail in any attempt of his opponent to apply any sort of Wrestling. These include, grappling technique whether from the West or the Orient, or just homemade restraining attempt, all in lying position.

Takedowns and Clinch Controls:

  • Simple Takedown to pull forward while dropping your right shoulder to your left knee
  • Double-leg Takedown 
  • Toe-pick 
  • One arm shoulder throw 
  • Hip throw – The hip throw is a variant of the one arm shoulder throw. Instead of trapping the attacker’s arm/shoulder, you grab him around the waist or neck.
  • Face to face Flip (Sacrifice Throw) – This throw is usually done successfully in a clinch when the attacker’s weight is overcommitted forward. The attacker need to know how to break-fall.  For practicing this technique, make sure you have good mats to fall. Do not perform this technique without the guide of qualified Instructor!
  • Clinch Control – If someone attacks you aggressively, remain calm and use this strategy to gain full control of your opponent during the chaos
  • Clinch Control and body fold takedown – Anytime your opponent attempts to punch you from the clinch, they create the perfect opportunity for body fold takedown
  • Clinch Control and leg hook takedown – Same as the body fold takedown but with an additional leg hook for quicker takedown
  • Rear takedown – If you find yourself in the rear clinch, use this technique to take your opponent down as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Double ankle takedown – As your opponent stands up to punch you while you’re on the ground, use this technique to literally sweep their feet out from underneath them. 
  • Double Leg Takedown Defense
    • Head push & stomp
    • Greeting
    • Greeting and head twist
    • Sprawl & Stomp
    • Head push & knee (when one leg is grabbed)
    • Crucifix (when one leg is grabbed)  


Attacker is from the side when you are in Sixth position (attacker doing a repetitive knee strikes  to your head from the side):

  • Block the knee strikes with your forearm. Trap and hook his grabbing hand that is right below your armpit with your other hand, extend your same side leg straight and look towards his groin; roll over and then, attack with hammer fist to the groin.


Attacker from the front when you are in Sixth position (attacker doing a repetitive knee strike to your head from the front):

  • Block the knee strikes with your forearm. With the same hand, grab his groin and follow up with “trap and hook his grabbing hand” around his elbow. Roll over, trap his head and attack his face.


Attacker choking you from behind when you are in Sixth position:

  • Grab his choking hand and pull his hand into your body while doing a donkey jump to throw him over. Press his head down and side and stand up, finish him off with a stomp to the face.
  • If the above move does not work especially when the attacker hooking his legs around your body. Drop into eighth position, this might slam the attacker head to the ground. Wrap your hands around his neck and pull it inwards to the direction of your groin. Extend one of your leg and insert it in between his leg, do the same with your other leg. Push forward with your shoulder and pull his neck inwards, this will throw him over. Push his head down and finish off with a stomp.


Attacker choking you from behind in sitting position:

  • Insert your fingers into the choking arm and turn your head sideway and tuck in your chin to relieve the choke. If attacker lock his legs around you, do the same and arch back to apply pressure to his foot ( ankle lock )
  • Insert your fingers into the choking arm and turn your head sideway and tuck in your chin to relieve the choke. Explode and do a bridge to apply pressure towards his head. Keep pushing backward and sideway to release the choke. Attack his groin and stand up. Finish him with a stomp to the head.


  • 90 Degree Arm-bar
    • Arm-bar from Mount
    • Arm-bar from Side Mount
    • Arm-bar from Guard


  • 90 Degree Arm-bar Defense
  • Grab your own shirt with your trap hand. Hook and grab the leg that is suppose to lock in onto your neck for the arm-bar. Swing his leg around and downward to the side of your leg and with the swing momentum, sit up. Release your hand and stand up, kick him on the groin.
  • Grab your own shirt while your other hand grab onto the elbow of your trap hand. This will prevent him to extend your hand for the arm-bar. Push his leg that lock around your neck and place it behind your neck. Roll over and striking him on the face to release the trap hand.
  • Prevent him to do the arm-bar by holding on to your shirt and the other hand pulling your elbow. Once he started to pull, insert your hand under the leg that is across your body, then push both of his legs up while you arching to the side and swing your leg up and hook his head with your leg to do the scissor and throw him backward.
  • Hold on to your shirt with your trap hand. Cat strike to the face with the other hand and push his head towards your leg, knee strike to his head and follow up with hook with the same leg and sit up. Kick his groin.
  • Counter to Arm-bar Defense
    • Strike to face
    • Heel strike to groin
    • Forearm peel
    • Bicep kick
    • Short arm scissors
    • Side Triangle Choke


  • Headlock (with arm over face)
  • Elbow push (to temple, ear, side of the face, or neck) to scissor release
  • Leg Leverage (cappuccino time) to scissor release
  • Front Head Lock / Guillotine Choke
  • Eyes attack – Attack the groin. Hook the head crook of your elbow and bring his head right beneath you head, in front of your stomach. Trap his head and attack his eyes with your fingers.
  • Sacrifice throw with head smash – flip opponent over with his head smashing the ground first
  • Sacrifice throw with drop to spinal  – Grab opponent’s knee to prevent him to flip over, smash his head down to the ground
  • Arm wrap on top of attacker’s shoulder, shift your body to the side and do the pelvis move to break attacker’s balance to bring him down on his back


  • Positional Control (Mount, Side mount & Back): Without mastering this techniques, there is little chance that you will ever control a larger, stronger opponent from the mount
  • Rear naked choke / Mata Leao (Lion Killer): Once you have controlled rear clinch on opponent’s back, you can apply rear naked choke on him.
  • Opponent is standing or in sitting position
  • Opponent is on the side – ‘Strong hand’ side
  • Opponent is on the side – ‘Weak hand’ side


  • Trap and roll escape: If you are trapped underneath a larger, more athletic opponent, use this technique to flip him over
  • Figure 4 arm-lock / Americana arm-lock
  • Mount
  • Side Mount
  • Triangle choke


Your ability to control and defeat much larger opponent when you are on your guard position:

  • Choking in your guard
  • Cat Strike and double leg kick
  • Legs spread and head twist


  • Choking in your guard (head buried)
  • Pressure point to the back of the ear and follow up  with Cat strikes and double leg kick
  • Pressure point to legs spread and head twist


  • Headlock (on ground)
  • Scissor release
  • Punching in your guard (Helmet techniques)
    • Use hook hands to block punches, grab attacker’s wrist, knee wedge & bicycle kicks
    • Hand Trap and Scissor
    • Legs spread, head trap & face attack
    • Legs spread, & head twist
    • Swaying redirect & head twist rollover
    • Swaying redirect, calf slicer & rollover


  • Punching from top mount ( Helmet techniques )
  • Bridge tactics
    • Rodeo
    • Bracing
    • 1 leg up


  • Top Mount Choke
    • Cross arm escape
    • Wrist trap leverage escape
    • Heels hook to the top part of opponent body and push backward  
  • Calf Slicer from mount: Hook with your instep and extend your leg, grab opponent leg and pull it into you for calf slicer


  • Punching from side mount ( Helmet techniques )
  • Knee wedge & bicycle kicks
  • Knee wedge to arm trap ( heel kick to his back ) & bicycle kicks once he pull out his arm
  • Knee wedge & scissor take down – Swing your other leg to take down. Kick attacker’s away and stand up
  • Groin attack – Grab the groin. Slap the face with the other hand. Follow up with ‘Knee wedge & Scissor take down’ tactics
  • Top Mount with figure 4
  • Arch and turn side way while pulling your trap hand towards you. The other hand attack the eyes, once the trap hand is released, attack his Adam’s apple with your release hand.


  • Holding on Side Mount
  • Attack the groin. Push his head towards your leg & lift your leg to do a scissor to trap his head. Stretch your leg to roll him over and follow up with a kick to his head. Stand up.
  • Side Mount with figure 4
  • Arching towards your trap hand and pull it towards you while the other hand assisting with the pull. Release your assisting hand and attack his eyes once the pressure on your trap hand is neutralised. Follow up with both hands attacking his eyes and other follow up tactics.


  • Kimura from Guard position: Sit up and perform Kimura on the attacker arm and end up with the Kimura lock in closed guard position.
  • Leg attack from guard
  • Calf attack with leg spread
  • Ankle locks variation
  • Turkey wrap

Stage 10

After the tenth stage of training the student will be able to take down a sentry in various scenarios.

Stage 11

After the eleventh stage of training the student will be able to mount and carry an unconscious person out of a danger zone.

Stage 12

After the twelfth stage of training, the student will learn to prevail in restraint attempts in motion through grappling fighting games.